Borderlands 2? Yes or Yes?

Well the game has come out for like 3 weeks and I’ve been having alot of fun with it. I highly recommened this game because its becomes pretty addicting while I’m at school and can’t wait to play it right when i get home. ( I play on xbox)

A 9/10 for me because the character development isn’t as detailed as I have thought in the first place.

Gameplay: 9.2/10 – The gameplay is mostly stable and smooth but at time the framerate drops down low and sometimes enemies get stuck but they usually just un-bug themselve after a way.

Co-op : 10/10 – Really smooth no problems have been detected as I have played.

Well , thats all for now.

For pre-ordering you received a golden key which unlocks a golden chest which has purple “2nd to last highest rank items* for your respective level , so either do it at 50 or after all DLC.

Also it included a free class “mechomancer” which seems pretty nice~?


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