Mu Lung Dojo

Mu Lung Dojo Let me tell you about the Mu Lung Dojo. My master, Mu Gung, is the strongest person in Mu Lung. He has mastered every technique of martial arts, and he wants to see if you can challenge him. You can train yourself to go up each floor, but it might be very difficult to reach the top with your skills. If you are up to the challenge, come on in! Click Here for more features~ You will be compensated up to the part you have cleared, not just upon clearing the entire dojo.While in the Mu Lung Dojo, you are not able to use any of the Use items in your inventory.To recover HP or MP, or to heal yourself from the abnormal state, you must rely on the consumable items that are dropped by monsters.Talk to So Gong at the rest stop and save your current status. You will have a special energy gauge to use a variety of ultimate finishing moves.Every time you attack a monster, the gauge will fill up according to the number of attacks.When the gauge fills up to its fullest, a notice will appear indicating the gauge key. Enter the skill key at this time and you will be able to use the skill.Press the arrow key then press Ctrl and Alt Key simultaneously. You can receive one of several martial arts belts depending on your score from the dojo These belts will give you extra stats once you equip it. Of course you will want to earn the best of the best, which is the Black Belt with the BEST stats, not to mention this is a permanent item. Awesome!! You can also receive medals if you defeat one type of monster in the Mu Lung Dojo 100 times. Should you be brave and diligent enough to beat Mu Gung the master 100 times, you can receive the Mu Lung Dojo Vanquisher Medal. This will be the ultimate medal you¡¯ll want to possess. Reach for the stars young grasshopper. I shall see you soon.


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