Maplestory Cygnus Knight

MapleStory Cygnus Knight


The Cygnus Knights or Knights of Cygnus are a character ‘order’ available in most game versions, and soon to be available to the rest as well. To get a knight, make sure your character is level 20 and higher (in certain versions, there is no need to have a level 20 character beforehand) After the patch, when you login the trailer will show up, then you will be moved to a black map with Nineheart talking to you asking if you want to have a knight. If you register for the recruitment for Order members, a new Order character will be made with the class Noblesse.

Cygnus Knights receive 6 AP upon each level up, they will gain 5 AP at level 70 onwards. but the highest level they can attain is 120.

When getting the 1st job advancement at level 10, you can become an Apprentice Knight / Knight in Training Medal.

Noblesse / Nobless

The beginner version of the Knights of Cygnus class.

Dawn Warrior / Soul Master

With the massive strength and powerful physique, Dawn Warriors vanquish the enemy in close proximity. They are accompanied by Sol, the spirit of light, especially in combat. Only those equipped with a burning heart, sharp eyes, an even sharper blade, and undying loyalty to the empress are qualified to become a Dawn Warrior.

Blaze Wizard / Flame Wizard

As expected of any great Magicians, Blaze Wizards posses powerful magic. They can call on Ignis, the spirit of Fire, to fight with them. They can also merge with Ignis to release massive fire magic. Those who always strive to better themselves and are wary of self and enemy can become a Blaze Wizard.

Wind Archer / Wind Breaker

Attacking the enemy from a far, Wind Archers are guided by the spirit of wind, Ventus. Ventus can be summoned to guard or fight, and can imbue its power to the bow as well as its owner. When a rational mind meets infinite freedom, a Wind Archer is born.

Night Walker / Night Walker

Luck, skill, and a bit of cunning separate the Night Walkers from the rest. Though marked and assisted by the spirit of darkness, Umbra, Night Walkers put great importance in independence, which leads some to learn poison skills. Night Walkers serve justice in places where light does not reach, so those who are willing to serve in the shadows may become a Night Walker.

Thunder Breaker / Striker

Having strength and the power,Thunder Breakers deal with the enemy up close.They are teamed up with the spirit of lightning.It can be summoned to fight,or to simply guard,and imbune itself into the knuckles and its owner.One may have the pleasure of power,but that power must not be used in the wrong way.Thus,a spirit of kindness must be mixed with bodily attacks,making a kind,willfull Thunder Breaker.

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