Legendary Monster + Dugenon

Aug 20 – 28th – Legendary Dungeon Beta .01 You can load any character from legendary monsters and fight the multiverse creator you dont need a key to access the map for now gl hf

Download Link Below



August 21 – 28 – Legendary Dungeon Beta .02

Change Log

made it so your allied to your team mates..
increased the tame count to 10

Donwload Link Below


-All Credits to SomeWhiteGuy (Creator Of Map)

— Additon to the Legendary Monster Post < Information > —

Item Ranks –

lv 1: are basic potions and weak gadgets you’ll find them all over

lv 2: not much more impressive than lv 1 items

lv 3: still fairly common but with these you’ll be able to take on slightly tougher monsters

lv 4: lv 4 items r the best of the early game items you’ll find

lv 5: these are the jwuls they are the first class specific items you’ll see they are color coded and you can only use your own colored items

lv 6: decent gear that anyone can use

lv 7: tablets are powerful items that anyone can weild

lv 8: rare items are fairly hard to find but are very powerful they are class specific like jwuls

lv 9: unique items are some of the most powerful class specific items you can obtain in the game

lv 10: these are very powerful non class specific unique items

lv 11: legendary items are very hard to get but they are the most powerful class specific items in existance once you have these you will truley be a legendary monster

lv 12: nobody knows what these items do or where they come from its rumored that they exist in another universe entirely


Legendary Items

Air – Aero Wings: grants max move speed +35% attack speed +15% attack speed aura to allies -15% attack and movespeed aura to enemies

Dragon – Vengeance Brand: +100 hp +10 dmg +10 str Casts Rage – rage adds +10 dmg and 5% life leech, if you cast this at 15% or less hp theres a 1/20 chance you will cast vengeance if your attacked w/ 15% hp or less theres a 1/50 chacne that you will cast vengeance, or if you cast rage while at 1% or less hp you will cast vengeance. vengeance adds 100% dmg bonus 100% attack speed bonus and 100% life leech for 30 secs

Earth – Invincible Core: +1000 HP +5 hp/sec +10 armor -25% move speed -25% attack speed

Fire – Pyromancers Charm: +250 hp +200 mana Casts Wake of Fire – wake of fire burns enemies for 124 dmg/sec

Holy – Gods eye: +7 all stats casts hyper heal aura – hyper heal aura will has a 1/7 chance to activate if your attacked and a 1/7 chance to activate if you attack hyper heal heals 7hp every .15 secs for 7 secs. Casts gods vision – gods vision reveals the entire map for 777 secs.

Ice – Frozen Wrath: +100 mana +2 mana/sec +2 hp/sec Casts Frozen Nova – frozen nova shoots 60 ice waves out in a circle creating a nova effect each blast deals 30 dmg large targets get hit by many of these waves

Lightning – Electric Pulse Emitter: +100 hp +100 mana Casts Static – static reduces the enemies hp by 10% shoots a lightning bolt at a random location around you every 10 secs dealing 750 dmg to whatever enemies it hits and slows there move and attack speed by 50% for 4 secs

Metal – Star Forged Plate: +40 armor 75% chance to block 25 dmg 50% chance to block 50 dmg 25% chance to block 100 dmg

Nature – Ancient Oak Sap: +30 hp/sec +1% hp/sec

Poison – Ultimate Rot: -10hp/sec aura -10 armor aura -10% attack speed aura -10% movespeed aura -10% dmg aura

Rock – Avalanch Stimulator: +10 str +10 armor 50% chance to block 50 dmg Casts avalanch – avalanch deals 150 dmg per rock lasts 10 secs

Ghost – Haunting Pressence: +100 mana +10 int +3 mana/sec +10% spell resistance +50% spell dmg – when you cast a spell against an enemy they will loose 50% spell resistance so even other people that cast spells against that monster will deal more dmg to it

Unholy – Infernal Torment: Casts Diabolical Frenzy – when your attacked theres a 1/16% chance a torment will spawn under your control and a 1/16 chacne a torment will spawn under the enemies control. torment attacks once dealing 666 dmg and can casts diabolical frenzy which adds 666% dmg +666 armor +66hp/sec regain and +66 mana/sec regain for 6 secs. a unit under diabolical frenzy has a 1/16 chacne of Soul Steal if they attack or cast a spell. Soul Steal will spawn a big torment ghost and he will kill you. if you kill a unit with this item you have a 1/6 chance to steal there soul giving you 1 soul stone, if or rather when u die with this item an avenging spirit will spawn for you for 333 secs.

Water – Indomitable Whirlpool: +100 mana +10 all stats +2 mana/sec Casts Tidal Wave – tidal wave sends out 4 gigantic waves at the target location each wave deals 1500 physical dmg in a 500 aoe

Time – Eternity Snare: Casts Time Warp – time warp gives you a random attack speed bonus for the next 100 secs has a 100sec cool down you will get 1 of the following: +200% +150% +100% +90% +80% +70% +60% +50% +40% +30% +20% +10% -25% -50% -75% -100%

Legendary Key: the legendary key obtained by slaying the legendary god grants +1000 hp +1000 mana +10 all stats and permanent invisability. and if anyone ever decides to make terrain for legendary dungeons you’ll be able to use this key to access that map


Treasure Chest Drops

Get-O: 25%lv1
Small: 50%lv1 25%lv2 1%lv3
Normal: 50%lv1 25%lv2 10%lv3 1%lv4
Large: 50%lv2 10%lv3 2%lv4 1%lv5
Living: 100%lv1 50%lv2 10%lv3 2%lv4 1%lv5
Invisible: 50%lv3 25%lv4 10%lv5
Magical: 10%lv3 5%lv4 2%lv5 1%lv6
Metal: 50%lv2 20%lv3 5%lv4 2%lv5 1%lv6
Huge: 20%lv3 10%lv4 5%lv5 2%lv6 1%lv7
Massive Living: 100%lv4 50%lv5 33%lv6 25%lv7
Mystic Metal: 50%lv6 33%lv7 4%lv8
Mystic: 25%lv5 10%lv6 4%lv7 2%lv8 1%lv9
Ancient: 50%lv5 20%lv6 10%lv7 4%lv8 2%lv9 1%lv10
Living Ancient: 100%lv5 50%lv6 25%lv7 10%lv8 5%lv9 2%lv10 1%lv11
Mystic Living Ancient: 50%lv11

*aside from the lv item drops all chests can and usualy drop gold, potions, and soul stones
lv 10 & 11 items have a % chacne to drop for each item for instance the mystical living ancient chest has 15 50% chances to of dropping lv 11 items since theres 15 lv11 total


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