Vampirism Fire/Speed Guides

Vampirism Fire / Speed Guide


Stay away from the Vampires (DarkGreen and Brown).

  •  Select your Human Unit and press B + H, then place your House near Trees. 
  • Built a Tent by pressing B + T. I’ll advice you to build this as a blocking mechanism towards the vampire.
  • Now go back to your Human Unit and in your inventory right click the Auto Harvest Item.
  • Go back to your houses and produce some workers with the hotkey W, a few times until you are supply capped.
  • In the new version of Vampirism Fire, its more ideal to repeat the previous steps in different locations until you have obtain a single gold. Or attempt to trap but most hosting bot will autoban this method.
  • Now in between repeating the steps above, I will recommend you to save up for a Slayer’s Tavern and produce a Slayer before the 1 minute mark or your slayer will be a level behind. When your Slayer finishes, Blink him into the Slayer Pool to gain a level every minute.
  • Keep tabs on where the vampire is and when he kills a structure, there is a chance that a Gold Coin will drop, that’s when your use your slayer in attempt to grab it behind the Vampire can grab it. If you are able to snatch a few gold, then your already ahead because you can sell that gold for lumber to other players. Recommend selling one for 8k Lumber if early and down to 3k if almost to the 15 minute mark.
  • Remember to Detonate your Workers if the Vampire is in killing distance of them with the Hotkey D, so the Vampire won’t be fed.
  • While waiting to get your first gold, you should make a research center and research all the Gem Health and all the Worker related upgrades, you can skip the Health one.
  • When you have gold and you have found an ideal location, build your Slayers Vault then build a wall. Upgrade the Wall into a Sapphire or Emerald Wall depending on your situation. Maybe even go for a Tower Wall if they Vampire isn’t fed.
  • After finishing your wall you should now upgrade your Workers by upgrading the House. If you don’t have enough gold build a Gold Mine but don’t do this unless you have a wall that can sustain the Vampire’s siege because if that structure goes down… that’s a large amount of gold he will get.
  • After making on workers, you should build towers. I recommend double Flame towers, one Frost Tower and one Blood Tower.
  • By this point, if you survive you should essentially know what to do next depending on your situation, but remember block off any Blink spots with a Wall Tower and a Blood Box for Blood Spots.
  • Just upgrade your wall, tower, harvest whenever possible. Oh yeah, remember to build Wall of Health and upgrade your Human Unit’s health if your not using Workers/Engineers to repair your wall because Vampires can easily target your Human Unit rather than your Wall. Engineers are from the Tool Kit which you get from the Human Surplus from your Tower Builder.


Regarding Vampirism Speed, I am more fond of this then Vampirism Fire because I find it more fast pace.

  • Build Multiple houses around a patch of Trees then follow up by building one tent then upgrading it to Fatass Tent which g ives max supply.
  • After maxing out workers, build two Slayer Taverns and one Research Center. Then proceed to procedure two Slayers, one male and one female.
  • After making my slayers, I make one wall, two health towers behind it and two towers next to it. Upgrade the wall into emerald then go to your Research Center and research Gem Quality and Gem Clarity until they are maxed.
  • After maxing both Gem Quality and Gem Clarity, I upgrade one of the towers to a Wall of Seeing and a Rocket Tower. The Rocket Tower is a splash Tower that prevent the use of mass shading.
  • One of t he Vampire should allows you to trade Lumber for Gold and it opens at 3 minutes. I would recommend you either to Cut Down of the tree behind it or use your slayer to use it to exchange for gold. Go for 21 gold so you build your Slayers Vault plus upgrade it to Citadel of Faith.
  • Then upgrade your workers into Furbolg workers. Now I recommend using the one tree method which is to have the Furbolg harvest around one tree. To do this you have to cut down a tree then build a house where it was. Then regrow it then cut the trees around it down, so it looks like the House is inside the tree. If you done this right, there should be two workers that are kept away from the tree. You can build a house to put those two to harvest another tree but in a short while you can just get Fang Harvesters which should fit all into that one tree.
  • Then select your Human Unit then start building Gold Mines around your base to block from him blinking into your base. After you have surrounded your base, you can stack goldmines on each other if you don’t want to waste space.
  • After probably a minute of you building gold mines, go back to your research center and upgrade it into an Ultra Research Center and research Advance Wall Plating then upgrade your wall.
  • Now by the time you finish surround your base, build a Wall of Seeing next to your workers and build either a Comet Tower or Oracle Tower to protect your workers.
  • Usually when I finish surround my base with goldmines and having one or two stacks of goldmines, I usually can upgrade to command center.
  • When you get to your Command Center, replace your workers with new ones and by this point your wall should either be Garnet or Platinum. After finishing replacing your workers work towards upgrading you wall into a Ruby wall. Now you should be using your Super Tower Worker to build the new and improved Green Gold Mines for you.
  • By this time, The Vampire might try to cheese you by using the V3x Rocket which one shots your Human Unit. To counteract this, I make a fake human from the Base of Operation and hide my real Human Unit inside a tree or something.
  • Now by this point you can either end the game by going for one of the End-Game Walls or building End-Game Towers. In the long run, the End-Game Tower just ends the game because well… it one hits the vampire. You should research your Advance Wall Plating up to Rank 2 before getting your end-game Wall. The most renown and used tower would be the spike tower because if the Vampire is unaware and attack your Tower, he will essentially kill himself.
  • The other method is to allot so much gold (250,000) so you can build The End tower which just kills the Vampire because well Max Damage and Chaos so… one shot K.O.
  • Or you can spam the other End-Game Towers but after the vampire reaches a specific Armor and Health threshold or Item threshold, it doesn’t effect him except for making causing the game to lag.

For me personally, I don’t like letting the game last into the late game.  So, I usually just, get Garnet at max then proceed to building End-Game towers hidden in the trees. Also, I usually base right under the Slayer Pool so I build a Wall of Seeing and usually a Orcale to push them away from the Slayer’s Pool. My base usually gets cheese by the vampires building a V3 rocket then destorying one of my tower and following up with a Sphere of Doom inside but since most base have more than one ideal walling spot, that really doesn’t go far. It usually get traps him inside forcing him to teleport out. Vampirism Speed doesn’t require you to use your Human Unit to physically repair the Wall. Walls of Health can be used to repair Walls by healing them. Walls of Health can heal up to 200,000 HP at max level per 5 seconds. You can have a maximum of 2 Walls of Health so.. 400,000 HP per 5 seconds. This doesn’t include having two Walls of Health of each rank.


11 thoughts on “Vampirism Fire/Speed Guides

  1. very n1 traid but i think your tactic is little bit noob like i havest the wood until i have ca. 23k at that time i catch most time 2 gold then i build my slyservault and luber house and make a goldmine like a wall

    then you can up your workers and later build a wall
    first time the mine is strong enought to keep the 2 vamps outside


  2. Nice tutorial, thanks ! What spots can the Vampire see without fog ? There were times that I couldn’t settle myself safely ’cause the Vampire was always on my tail


  3. ” there are blood spot which vampires can teleport in (not in the beginning) just build a Blood Box or Feeding Block to Block him from geting in.” No no no. Not like that. That’s just asking for butt-rape. Don’t put fragile structures to wall off the edges where vamps could teleport in. If he blows up the feeding block, or blood box, he gets fed (which you should be avoiding unless you want to feed him), and vamps will then use the sphere to blink into your base. Put a wall there, and make sure it is upgraded enough to withstand boom gems (or whatever ranged building damage item the vamp gets) in the amount the vampires might have. Put a fatass wall, or a worker near them with auto-repair. You likely won’t need much maintenance to keep these structures alive.


    • Oh, sorry. Didn’t notice you put “blood spot.” Yeah, only boxes can block those off. Everywhere else though, put something durable.


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