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Vampirism Fire/Speed Guides August 6, 2009

Posted by itzdarkvoid in Warcraft Online Games.

Vampirism Fire / Speed Guide



Stay away from the vampire (color DarkGreen and Brown) Go into an area which is surrounded and there is only one way to get in , there are blood spot which vampires can teleport in (not in the beginning) just build a Blood Box or Feeding Block to Block him from geting in. First of all is to Make 2 Houses < Go on your main Human and press B & H and place where you want the house to be. After that you build a Tent < B + T on Main Human >, ok after you finishing build you can press the Auto Harvest on your main human in your inventroy or select where you want the harvester to go. <when you choosen your place press Keyboard W a few Times and they shoukd spawn at the selected spot , Select a Tree >

Now you need a Wall , go to where the only place the vamp can get in , in the beginning and build 1 or 2 walls < B + W > I would suggest you build two. After that i would suggest you to Upgrade th3 walls then build Towers near the wall <Behind the wall > < B + S > after you do that i would suggest to Build a Research Center and a Slayer Tavern , Train a slayer to kill the Vampire (Not Possible in the beginning) Now upgrade the Wall HP ( Gem Quailty to Max ) Now just wait…. Also put your slayer at the Slayer’s Pool to train , make sure the vamp doesn’t go and kill you slayer. Keep a close eye on the vamp , when he kills a Build it may drop a gold , use your slayer and use teh Skill “Blink” to blink to the Gold and click on it. You Will Receive “One Gold” I would suggest you to Build a Slayer Vault then you can upgrade you Harvesters but i would suggest you not to upgrade until you get a few gold. If you have like 6 Gold or so i would suggest for you to sell the 4 Golds for 3 – 8k . Suggest to go from 8k in the beginning the Rest is pretty simple keep on upgrarding your wall and Repair it , upgrade Tower and upgrade , upgrade , upgrade…..

Note : Will Put more once my Laptop with all the Information recovers…

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1. Vamp Fire - November 6, 2009

very n1 traid but i think your tactic is little bit noob like i havest the wood until i have ca. 23k at that time i catch most time 2 gold then i build my slyservault and luber house and make a goldmine like a wall

then you can up your workers and later build a wall
first time the mine is strong enought to keep the 2 vamps outside

2. faiz - December 30, 2009

2 wall oni?

3. faiz - December 30, 2009

if vamp strong?

4. Germel Roy - March 12, 2010


5. Alex435 - October 7, 2010

Thanks, man………:D

6. DEAncientNaga - January 15, 2011

Visit http://www.NagaWar.tk to view the full guide of Vampirism Speed.

If the first link can’t be worked, try the second link:


7. Hallion91 - September 20, 2011

Nice tutorial, thanks ! What spots can the Vampire see without fog ? There were times that I couldn’t settle myself safely ’cause the Vampire was always on my tail

8. Ahkmenra - December 30, 2011

where is the gold located

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